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Kim lives in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband, 2 boys and 2 dogs. When not burning dinner for her family she tries to exercise, loves to shop and stalks Joanna Gaines.


Kara lives in the same town with her husband, 2 girls and a boy. She loves to travel with her family of 5, cook healthy meals (she is a Registered Dietitian) and shop for clothing that doesn't embarrass her 2 teenage daughters.

We have been stay at home moms for 15 years. Our resumes include team parent, PTA volunteer, party planner and incredibly efficient carpool line driver. Thru it all we realized that we absolutely love the chaos, craziness and fun that comes with being a SAHM! Our goal is to deliver all the lifestyle and family information you need in one place.

Our hope is that you find this website helpful, relatable and current for this season of life....we would love to hear from you!

Kim & Kara


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