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wondering about ordering your child's glasses online? Jonas Paul Eyewear review

A few months ago, my youngest was told he needed eyeglasses. Glasses at the eye doctor and Lenscrafters can be very expensive and inconvenient for our busy schedule. My sister, whose daughter has worn glasses since she was two year old, recommended Jonas Paul Eyewear. I'm glad she did!

I went online and ordered the free at home try on kit. Within 2 days 7 glasses arrived. We all had a good time watching him try on the different styles. Once we selected the perfect boys frame for his face, I placed them back in the mailbox with the free return shipping label. At this point you go online and download your prescription from your eye doctor and the PD of your child's eyes. Jonas Paul Eyewear makes this super easy with step by step instructions.

A week later the glasses arrived ready to wear. He was sooo excited to get his new frames, as you can see in pictures below! The best part of this entire process was the price...under a $100!! Super easy, super convenient, no mall trips and my son loves them. I found that the categories of "kids glasses"and"teen glasses" made the usual overload of frames from the big stores more manageable.

We are excited to offer our readers10% off every order of Jonas Paul Eyewear. Use code SubProject10 in the discount code section!

The box arrived with all the information needed to help your child pick out their favorite glasses.

My son had so much fun trying on all the different styles of frames!

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