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will we look like Kate Hudson?

Recently, Kara and I started Reformer Pilates. You know the one that all the celebrities instagram about...the machine looks like a torture device. I have been known to try all the latest fads (Orange Theory, Boot Camp, TRX) in exercise and then go back to my tried and true - running and free weights. However, as I'm creeping closer to 50, I find that my old ways are causing me injuries and not moving the scale down at all!

Reformer Pilates is a different kind of class. Most classes are not cardio driven and do not use weights. Rather, you are using the machine in guided exercises to strengthen core and body muscles through resistance.

So far, we have been super sore and feel all sorts of new muscles...we will let you know if we start getting a body like Kate? Honestly, we would settle for less jiggle and more toned booties.

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Apr 20, 2019

I LOVE Pilates! I discovered it long ago when I was a teenager and serious about dance. Pilates creates long, lean muscles while also increasing flexibility- you get the most bang for your buck! But you have to focus and commit- there are no “ short cuts “. But the results are worth it- hang in there, ladies! By the way, I haven’t exercised in years ( I. am ashamed) but this is making me miss it! Help me, Kim!!

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