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what is my teenager saying?

Living in house with two teenage daughters I find myself having no idea what they are saying. They will tell each other to "hop off" and that's a healthy "snack"... while I think they are literally jumping off something and would like carrots or an apple. Well.... that's not what they are saying. It's taken me a little time, but I finally made a list for the top slang used amongst teenagers in 2019. Hope this will help you understand your teenagers.

pull up/come thru - an invitation

real one - someone you trust

high key - obviously

low key - not obvious

hop off - mind your business

I'm dead - that was entertaining

triggered - mad

jam - an old song that is still good

bop - a song that is good and mainstreaming

big mad - very mad

no cap - I'm serious/ I'm not lying

full send - don't hesitate just do

slaps - unexpectedly good

snack - and attractive person

sus - suspicious or shady

take the L - accept you lost

tea - gossip

spill the tea - tell me the gossip

that ain't it - unacceptable

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