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thanksgiving travel tips when flying to your destination

Every other year our family travels for the Thanksgiving holiday. Holiday travel can be very overwhelming for a family, especially when flying. I have come up with some easy tips over the years to help reduce the stress of travel during this time and to help us to enjoy the trip.

1.Book your flight early if you want to fly home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving being such a popular travel time, it is essential to book your flight early. Over the years I have tried to see if the price drops. It does not! The Sunday travel day is so packed you will get the best price early.

2. Book your airport parking now! The lots fill up way in advance. Many airport parking companies have online reservations. Be sure to book them prior to leaving for the airport. Nothing is worse than arriving to the airport with no place to park.

3. If you have pets, don't forget to book the pet sitter or kennel.

4. Pack light. This is something I rarely do, mainly because it is very cold at our destination (think snow, cold, rain ...). Plus, I never can bring everything in a carry-on! I have found if I use these packing cubes it helps organize my luggage and I can get more clothes into my suitcase.

5. Organize ahead what you would like to to prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner. You can typically call a local bakery and pick up a pie or have fresh food delivered from Whole Foods.

You can also grab a bottle of liquor or wine at the Duty free store at the airport :)

6. Leave for the airport 3-4 hours before your flight on Sunday. We have almost missed too many flight on the Sunday after Thanksgiving thinking we would have plenty of time with 2 hours before departure. We now plan on 3-4 hours before our flight leaves due to the security lines and low staffing. If you miss your flight on Sunday, they have zero flights to put you on. So enjoy the airport, bring a book and just relax. You won't regret it!

I hope these tips help you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends! Safe travels.

- Kara

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