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quick & fast appetizer - mexican caviar

One of my favorite and quick recipes from our days serving on the Junior League cookbook committee.

Mexican Caviar

2 (15 oz) cans of black beans, rinsed, drained

2 (11 oz) cans Mexicorn

3 tomatoes, seeded, chopped

4 avocados, seeded, chopped

2 red onions

1/2 cup vegetable oil or olive oil

1/4 cup white vinegar

2 envelopes Italian salad dressing mix

Combine the black beans, Mexicorn, tomatoes, avocados and red onions in a large bowl and mix well. Mix the vegetable oil, vinegar and salad dressing mix in a small bowl. Pour over the black bean mixture and toss to coat. Chill for 4 hours. Serve with tortilla chips.


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