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my favorite cutout sugar cookie recipe

These are my kids favorite cookies around the holiday season. They are thick, soft and hold their shape. Every year we love to decorate and eat these cookies!


1 cup butter

2 cups sugar

2 eggs

3 tsp. vanilla

1 cup sour cream

1 tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking soda

5 1/2 cups flour


1. In a mixer, cream butter and sugar until fluffy.

2. Add eggs, vanilla and then sour cream.

3. Combine salt, soda, and flour, and add to the mixture.

4. Roll out on floured surface to about 1/4 inch thick.

5. Bake at 375F for 7-8 minutes - don't over cook. They will not look done.

6. Once they are cool, decorate with your favorite icing.

- Kara

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