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help for those that can't do hair

I'll admit that I am terrible at doing hair. Thanks goodness I have boys! In high school friends would french braid my hair or I would just make it so big with hairspray no one would know what was underneath....gotta love the 80s.

As the years have gone on and the styles have changed, my ineptitude at hairdressing has continued. The invention of the flat iron was a gamechanger. I could get the long wanted straight hair with ease.

However, the curls have come back and I swear I can't curl my hair with a straightner or curling iron for the life of me! Enter the Beachwaver - a ceramic rotating curling iron. You press a button and it curls your hair in seconds. No funny arm angle, no gloves or burns and my hair looks just like I walked out of the salon.

Its a little pricey at $129.00 - $199.00 but I used a $20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon. Ulta carries it and will have sales or coupons as well.

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