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firming skin cream review

We are at the age where skin is crepey, bumpy and just not smooth anymore. We tried several creams. Here is our honest opinion.

This cream suggests that it will cure the crepey skin that comes along with age. I have used this for a month and while it smells good and has hydrating effects on my skin, I did not see a significant change in the elasticity of my skin. I do feel like it has helped with scaly or dehydrated skin and it may be a lotion I use before bed.

This is advertised all over Facebook as the cure for cellulite. Not sure there is a "cure" for cellulite and this cream will not make those pesky dimples go away. However, we did love the tingling feeling of the lotion and the hydrating effects on our thighs and butt.

The least expensive of the 3 reviewed lotions. This may not have all the fancy publicity but we found it to be super hydrating and usable in all areas of the body.

While it's pretty logical that no lotion is going to fix cellulite or crepey saggy skin, we will continue to try everything and hope for the best! Pick the one that works for your skin type, routine and price point.

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