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crazy sock holiday party

We both love to throw parties and this one is so much fun and so easy on the hostess!

Invite 10-12 ladies over for some food and cheer. Ask each person to buy a pair of crazy socks (holiday themed or not) and fill them with $20-$25 worth of gifts.

For example: nail polish, mini bottle of wine, lip gloss, candle, jewelry, candy, ornament, gift card, hair accessories, bath bombs, lotion etc.

Put the socks in the middle and have each person pick a pair. Then let the games begin...

Get out dice and each person will roll and do the following ( you can make a cute chalkboard or print out with the directions).

If you roll:

1 - keep your gift

2 - steal anyones gift

3 - everyone pass gift to the right

4 - everyone pass gift to the left

5 - everyone pass 2x to the right

6 - everyone pass 2x to the left

This year I bought Wonder Women socks to fill and they even have a cute cape in the back. I figured it was perfect for my friends who are all WONDER WOMEN! Happy Holidays!

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