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chlorine smell and pool hair this summer?

Having my daughter swim year round has made me become very familiar with all the swimming shampoos, hair treatments, and soaps. These are the top products we use every day to combat the chlorine smell on her body and make her hair soft and shiny.

Malibu Swimmers Wellness shampoo and conditioner smell great and get rid of the chlorine. I love how it comes with treatment packs. We use these every 2 weeks to do a heavy treatment mask on her hair.

Aqua Guard is a pre swim treatment. Put this on your or your childs hair before getting into the water. It protects the hair shafts and conditions at the same time!

Summer Solutions Soap+ is the perfect bar soap for the shower. It neutralizes the the chlorine so you smell fresh and clean and not like a swimming pool!

Swimsuits need care too! Handwash your suits in Splash Fashion Care after each pool visit for longer vibrant colors and longevity of you swimsuit.

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